Playtech Online Pokies With Split Symbol Feature

February 19, 2016


Australian online casinos powered by Playtech offer two online pokies Blade and Archer. Both these online pokies include an innovative feature that splits symbols. The fact that this feature works differently in both these online pokies makes them more interesting. Check them out in the article below and if you like them, head for Blade and Archer at Playtech online casinos like Mansion Casino and Omni Casino.

Blade is one of the branded online pokies from the Marvel Movies super hero series. In this online pokie, the feature is described as the Blade Symbol Split Feature. The basis of the feature is the special symbol called the Blade Split symbol, which can appear only on reel 5. When this happens, the feature is activated. The last symbol in any winning combination will be split and will count as two symbols. How this works is illustrated by the following example. The A symbol appears on reels 1, 2 and 3 in an enabled payline and the Blade Split symbol appears on reel 5. The A symbol in Reel 3 will split in two and the payout will be for a combination of four A symbols. Blade appears on the symbol that is to be split and rips it vertically with his sword. Two identical symbols as smaller rectangles are formed in the same spot on the reel. The Blade Split Symbol Feature can lead to winning combinations of six symbols. The payout table in the online pokie gives the payouts for each symbol up to six of a kind.

Archer is an online video pokie based on the theme of the legendary hero Robin Hood. The symbols on the reels include characters from the folklore such as Robin Hood, Maid Miriam, the Sheriff of Nottingham and Friar Tuck. Archer is an All Ways slot game in which symbols appearing on any spots on successive reels can lead to payouts. The feature that splits symbols is described as the Expand & Split feature. Sometimes the symbols can appear on the reels with a border of arrows. The Expand & Split feature is activated when any such symbol is a part of a winning combination and there is also a scatter symbol also on the reels. Then these symbols will expand vertically over all three rows. Unlike in the normal expanding symbols, the existing symbols are not replaced. The spots on the reel split into two to accommodate both symbols. If either or both the symbols lead to winning combinations you will receive the payouts.