Ignition Casino Showcases Online Blackjack Variants

December 5, 2017


The saying goes that if you have it then you should flaunt it. This week Ignition Casino is showing off its blackjack portfolio. It includes all the standard variations that are played in land casinos around the world, including in Australia. But Ignition Casino offers some really exotic blackjack games, with different twists on the regular rules. The online casino has picked four gems from its selection and recommends them to its players.

European Blackjack is for the more adventurous players. You have to make all your moves before the dealer receives the second card. This has a special implication. If the dealer is dealt an ace or a ten value card he cannot check for blackjack. This increases you risk slightly. Should you go for the extra bet and make the split or double down move? If the dealer eventually lands up with a blackjack then you lose double the amount. You also do not have the safety net of the surrender option in European Blackjack.

Perfect Pairs is a six-deck blackjack game with an attractive side bet for Australian online casino players who want larger payout ratios. The side bet wins anytime you get dealt a pair with your first two cards. A mixed pair pays out at 6:1, a coloured pair is worth 12:1 and a perfect pair earns you the top prize of 25:1. Ignition Casino clarifies that these prizes are yours regardless of whether or not your hand beats the dealer's.

Blackjack players dread getting dealt a hard hand of 15 to 17. It puts them squarely in no man’s land. With Zappit Blackjack at Ignition Casino you can make those two cards disappear by hitting the ZAP button. They will be replaced by two new hole cards. There is a small price for this. If the dealer busts with a 22, it is a push instead of a win for you.

The most popular blackjack variant at Ignition Casino is The New Blackjack. It has an exclusive modern layout. The eye-catching design simplifies gameplay and gives you more control over music and background audio. It is a multi-hand game where you can simultaneously play three hands against the dealer and save precious time. For new Australian blackjack players there are crisp tutorials with easy navigation. For high rollers, the maximum table bet is AU$500. If you have any doubt about the popularity of this game, then check out the winners’ list at the Ignition Casino web site. You will find several big winners there.