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About Me

Greetings, my name is Dave, and I`m happy to welcome you on my website!

Are you fond of online gambling? Want to make a casino an extra source of gaining money? It is a wise decision, especially in these difficult times for most of us. However, I can help you to achieve this goal.

I have a vast experience as a casino dealer and a manager on cruise ships. In fact, I have dedicated the last seven years to this activity and have gathered amazing expertise in this field. Unfortunately, the winter of 2020 has changed everything in the worst way it could. The pandemic took away my job, as it has done to thousands of other people around the world.

I have learned many examples of modern businesses that have migrated to the internet in these unfortunate circumstances. My job was no more an obstacle for gambling online. Therefore, I decided to give this opportunity a try. Luckily, this try was very successful.

Moreover, I have investigated the differences between the existing online casinos and made a lot of interesting conclusions. Having all this precious experience, I have decided to open my own online gambling website, which will unite all the advantages of the best casinos.

I have collected a lot of interesting and useful information about how online casinos work, how a rogue casino can be distinguished from a good one, and how to win money in a casino.

The prevailing part of all information on this website is based on my own experience and experience of my fellow mates from the industry.

It was also very important for me to receive help from my wife, Victoria, who has provided her priceless support in the development of this website.

If you feel grateful for the information you have found on this website, you can always donate to support the subsequent development of the project. My Bitcoin wallet number is:


I appreciate any support and wish you good luck in your gambling!