Get Acquainted With Online Caribbean Stud Poker

June 18, 2017


Caribbean Stud Poker is the perhaps most popular of the poker based games at online casinos. All Australian online casinos offer this game in their portfolio. This article explains the game play and the simple optimum strategy for the benefit of new players.

You start by placing the ante bet. Then you are dealt your full hand of five cards and the dealer is dealt one card face up. Based on these cards you have to decide whether to fold or to raise. If you folds then you lose the ante bet and the game ends. In order to raise you have to place a second bet, which is twice the ante bet. After this, the remaining four cards of the dealer’s hands are dealt.

The process of deciding the winner is as follows. The dealer must have an ace king or better hand to qualify. If the dealer does not qualify the player gets a payout of 1 to 1 on the ante bet and the raise bet pushes. If the dealer qualifies, then the two hands are compared based on the usual poker hand rankings. Ig the dealer’s hand is higher ranked, the player loses both bets. If both hands are of the same rank, then both bets push. If the player’s hand is higher ranked then he gets a payout of 1 to 1 on the ante and the raise bet is paid according to a payout table.

The optimum strategy for online Caribbean Stud Poker is extremely simple. If you do not have the dealer’s qualifying hand then you must always fold. If you hold a poker hand that is one pair or higher ranked then you must always raise. This leaves out the hand where the player holds an ace king with no higher ranking. This is the hand that you are likely to be dealt very often. In this case your decision to fold or to raise will depend on the dealer’s face up card. You must raise in any of the following three situations. The first is that the dealer’s card is a two through queen and matches one of the player’s cards. The second is that the dealer’s card is an ace or king and the player has a queen or jack in his hand. The third is that the dealer’s rank does not match any of the player’s cards and the player has a queen and the dealer’s card is less than the player’s fourth highest card. In all other cases the player must fold.