Playtech's Marvel Jackpots Series of Slots

July 26, 2013


There are two big things that really attract players to video slots. The first thing is a big, popular brand. Over the past few years, superhero-inspired movies have really taken off again, and slots based on these themes have become very popular. The second thing that attracts players is big jackpots. Playtech decided to incorporate both of these features into a series of slots based on Marvel characters, and they came up with the Marvel Jackpots series of slots. These games give you a chance to win huge sums of money while playing games based on some of the hottest superheroes hot there today.

The characters featured in these games are popular Marvel characters. The games are Blade, Elektra, Fantastic 4, Ghost Rider, Incredible Hulk, Iron Man, Iron Man 2, Punisher War Zone, Thor and X-Men. These games all have individual static jackpots that range from 3,000x to 25,000x, and they all have excellent bonus features. All of these games are also linked together to form the Marvel Jackpot network of games, and this means that the progressive jackpots will get bigger, faster, and they will pay out more often.

The four jackpots differ in size, and you can win any of them on a given turn from any of the games connected to the jackpots. The lowest jackpot is called the Marvel Power jackpot, and it seeds at $50. The Marvel Extra jackpot seeds at $500, and the Marvel Super jackpot seeds at $5,000. The big one of the group of the Marvel Ultimate jackpot which seeds at $100,000 and is frequently worth over half a million. As mentioned before, you don't have to hit a specific winning combination to pick up any of these jackpots. Instead, winning is completely random, though your bet size does influence it proportionately.

This series of jackpots was started in 2009, and a number of titles have been added over time to the series. It's a great way to play some awesome games while enjoying yourself, and it's also a good set of games to play if you're interested in playing for a life-changing sum of money. Playtech has a wide range of video slots to choose from, but the Marvel Jackpots line are some of the most popular because of the great combination of popular themes and big jackpots. If you're ready to try something new, then these Marvel Jackpots games are a good place to start.