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Privacy Policy & Rules for Posting Reviews

casinostown.com takes your privacy very seriously. For this reason we have created this "Privacy Policy". casinostown.com collects some information from you to ensure that the website is working properly, is user friendly and secure.

In our 'Privacy Policy' we explain exactly which data we collect, why we collect this data and how casinostown.com handles this data. casinostown.com reserves the right to change this 'Privacy Policy'. Possible changes of the privacy policy can be found on this page. The latest version of the privacy policy is valid. All previous versions expire when a new, modified Privacy Policy is published.

This version of the Privacy Policy is effective as of August, 2020, and all previous versions are hereby revoked as of that date. The difference between the version of August, 2020 and the previous version is that casinostown.com has described in detail which cookies the website uses.

1. casinostown.com collects data

casinostown.com isn't doing this for fun, but for the following purposes:

to secure the website;

to ensure and improve the usability of the website;

to research the browsing behaviour of visitors.

We specifically store the following data:

the IP address (anonymised);

your surfing behaviour on casinostown.com;

ads and links that you click on casinostown.com;

the page from which you clicked on casinostown.com;

the search term you used in the search engine to find casinostown.com.

This data cannot be traced back to you as a person.

2. Data that you yourself provide to casinostown.com

It is also possible that you provide casinostown.com with data yourself. You can do this in the following ways:

you sign up for the newsletter;

you fill out the contact form;

you submit a complaint about an online casino;

you send an email to casinostown.com.

You then write in this email:

your name;

your email address;

data that you want to add to your message.

casinostown.com proactively removes unnecessary (personal) data. You will only receive messages from casinostown.com if you have subscribed to our newsletter or as an answer to a sent message, an email message or a submitted complaint. You can unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time. You can do this via the "Unsubscribe" link in the newsletter.

3. Confidentiality and security of your data

All collected data will be kept confidential by casinostown.com and stored in an environment that is secured according to current standards.

casinostown.com will not pass your data on to third parties. An exception will only be made if casinostown.com is legally obliged to disclose data. This can be the case if the police and the judicial authorities request data by law or if casinostown.com receives a court order.

4. Cookies

Like any other website, casinostown.com uses cookies. These cookies are used to improve the usability of the website, to secure the website, to analyse the browsing behaviour of the website visitors and to comply with laws and regulations.

Cookies are small text files that are sent to your internet browser from a website server. Your internet browser stores this file. This file ensures that you only have to click on the cookie notification once, for example. Thanks to this file, your internet browser will know on your next visit that you have already agreed to the cookie notification.

You can deactivate and/or delete cookies via the settings of your internet browser. You can find out how to do this in the help file of your internet browser.

casinostown.com uses Google Analytics to analyse visitor data. Google Analytics collects the following cookies:

-ga: Type HTTP. This cookie is stored for a maximum of two years.

_gat:  Type HTTP. This cookie is created when you connect to the website and deleted when you exit.

_gid: Type HTTP.  This cookie is created when you connect to the website and deleted when you exit.

collect: Type Pixel. This cookie is created when you connect to the website and deleted when you exit

You can find more information about Google's privacy policy here. Google is based in the United States, a country for which the European Commission has determined that the level of security of stored data is adequate.

5. Websites of external parties (third-party providers)

The casinostown.com website contains links, references and buttons to third-party websites. Once you click on these links, references and/or buttons you will leave the 'casinostown.com' website.

Third-party websites can leave cookies or information from their visitors. casinostown.com is not responsible for this. More information about third-party cookies can be found in the privacy and/or cookie policies on the respective third-party websites.

6. Exploring, adjusting and deleting data

You can explore, change and/or delete your data on request. This is a legal right. casinostown.com is happy to cooperate. casinostown.com is committed to respecting your privacy and that of other visitors. For this reason we ask you to create a request as follows:

a signed written request stating which data you wish to explore, change or remove;

a copy of a valid identity card, for example a passport or identity card. You can cover your photo on it.

Both documents must be clearly legible. Without these documents, casinostown.com cannot process your request.