Sports betting websites aim to combine two great Australian pastimes – gambling and sports! With the best betting sites providing punters with easy access to their services, Aussies have the opportunity to place bets on a wide range of national and international sporting events whenever they like. We at understand the popularity of the sports betting industry, which is why we have created this sports betting guide to help Aussies on their online gambling adventure.


In our comprehensive guide, we will provide Aussies not only with a list of all the top sports betting sites but also tips on understanding sports betting odds and sports betting money management strategies. Be sure to read on below to learn all you need to know to make money betting on sports.

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Popular Sport Bet Australia Options

The top-rated online betting sites allow Aussie bettors to place wagers on a number of great sporting events. That said, events involving the following sports have proven to be especially popular with Australian punters.

Tennis Betting

Tennis is known for providing viewers with absolutely amazing sports competitions, with the best matches showing grit and tenacity. With high-profile tournaments taking place all year round, Aussie punters can expect to be able to wager on this great sport at any time they like. Popular competitions to place wagers on include the following:

  • S. Open
  • French Open or Roland-Garros
  • Australian Open
  • Wimbledon

Soccer Betting

Soccer (also known as association football) is widely regarded as the world’s most popular sport, with millions tuning in to watch popular league games each week. Aussies are able to make each match they watch more exciting by placing sports betting soccer wagers on games in a variety of different competitions and leagues, including:

  • UEFA Champion’s League
  • Spanish La Liga
  • FIFA World Cup
  • English Premier League

Australian Football Betting

Footy is widely known to be arguably the most popular sport in Australia, with league finals often breaking national and international spectator attendance records. It would stand to reason then that many Aussies like placing a good wager on a game every now and again to make it somewhat more interesting.

Australian punters can fill their sports betting cards with AFL wagers at any one of our trusted sports betting affiliates.

Golf Betting

Golf is becoming an increasingly popular sport for Aussie to be on. As with Tennis, major competitions take place throughout the year meaning that players are able to bet on competitions all the time. Some of the most popular golf competitions to bet on include the following:

  • Ryder Cup
  • British Open
  • S. Open

Horse Racing

Horse racing and sports betting go hand-in-hand, with the sport being well-known for being directly affiliated to gambling. There are loads of different competitions Aussies can bet on, with sports betting sites even allowing players to bet on international events. So, the next time you feel like placing a lucky bet on the Melbourne Cup, remember that you can with

Sports Betting Tips for Aussie Players

There are a number of popular sports betting tips and strategies Australian punters can make use of. The following are some of the tips we’ve found most helpful in the online betting realm:


  • Research, Research Research! – If you’re serious about sports betting, you need to research the sport you’d like to place a wager on before doing so. This will give you all the information you need to know about in form players, team history, past results, you need to know to make informed decisions.
  • Shop Around for the Best Odds – Different sportsbooks set different odds for games. If you’re really hopeful, you want to find the bookie that provides you with best odds so that you can get a bang for your buck when you win.
  • Always Gamble Sober – as we always say with online gambling, Australians should never gamble online intoxicated. It leads to stupid decisions that could lead to tons of money being lost in an unnecessary manner.

Get Online Sports Betting Bonuses

Most Aussie betting sites offer some sort of bonus to Aussies upon signing up for the website. Some of the best online betting deals include the following:

  • Welcome Bonus – with regards to betting sites bonus options, welcome bonuses tend to be the most popular available. With welcome bonuses, the betting site or casino in question pledges to match a deposit amount by a certain percentage.
  • Free Bonus No Deposit Sports Betting – betting sites with free signup bonus offers provide Aussie punters with free cash to place their wager. Be sure to note that sports betting free bet no deposit bonuses are often governed by strict wagering conditions.

Punters can be sure to find these bonus options at all the best online betting sites.

How Sports Betting Odds Work

A key part of learning how to win money betting on sports is knowing how odds work. so, we will try to explain live sports betting odds in the simplest of possible manners.

It is important to know that there are multiple sports betting systems. Here we will explain the two most popular: decimal odds and American odds.

The decimal system was made for ease of use and is employed by most online betting sites Australia. With a simple formula (odds x stake = winnings), punters are able to calculate what the return on a wager will be should the bet be successful.

American odds are slightly different to decimal odds. The best sports betting sites Australia available to Aussie punters don’t really make use of American odds systems, but it may still be of some advantage to know how they work.

American odds use betting lines that begin with either positive or negative symbols. The formula used to calculate the potential score should the player win the bet is dependent on the symbol. The formulae read as follows:

  • For lines beginning with a plus, the following formula is used: Odds x (Stake/100) = Winnings
  • (100/Odds) x Stake = Winnings is the formula used for lines beginning with a minus.

With the above knowledge, placing wagers at all the top-rated betting sites Aus will now seem like an easy task.

Bet on Mobile with the Best Mobile Sports Betting Websites

We all know that, nowadays, mobile reigns supreme when it comes to anything that needs to be done online. It then stands to reason that several of the best sports betting offers in Australia are available on mobile.

For a list of the best online betting app options, be sure to check out our mobile page, which has a load of helpful tips related to mobile gambling.

Best Online Betting Australia FAQs

Which are the best sports betting casinos?

The casinos listed on this page are some of the best online betting websites currently available to Australians. We consistently update our list of internet betting sites, so be sure to keep visiting to find out more about the best online betting offers Australia.

We also upload reviews of all new Australian betting sites, so if you’re having trouble making a decision on whether to use a site or not, head on over there and we may be able to help you.

Which sports do Australians like to bet on?

At the best online sports betting sites, the following sports have proven to be rather popular among Australian punters:

  • Aussie Rules Football
  • Cricket
  • Rugby
  • Soccer
  • Horse Racing

It is important to keep in mind that several other sports options are available at Aus betting sites if none take your fancy.

Which is the best sports betting app?

It is hard to definitively say which is the best mobile betting app currently available to Australians. However, we can say that the top-rated apps offer players easy access to live betting Australia, scores on events and online betting bonus offers.

Where can I learn how to calculate odds in sports betting?

On this very page, we teach sports betting basics. Above is a dedicated guide detailing how to bet on sports. However, if you still find yourself confused about online sports betting Australia, there are loads of other guides available on the internet that may be able to help you.

Where can I find sports betting strategies that work?

If you’re looking for the best sports betting strategy, you’re going to have a hard time. Different people have different opinions on what is the best practice. However, some strategies that have proven to be really popular over the years include the following:

  • Focussing on one team
  • Using software to calculate statistical probabilities
  • Betting against the public

If you would like to learn more about the best sports betting system and strategies, be sure to scroll up to find out more on this page or visit each of our individualised sports pages.

Is sports betting rigged?

It is very difficult to determine whether or not online betting offers are rigged or not, especially when they involve professional competitive events. However, at the very least Aussies should always make sure that they play at trusted sports betting review sites which they can do by reading our online sports betting reviews.

What does over under mean in sports betting?

With over-under bets, punters wager that the final score of a professional match up will either be higher or lower than a stated score. This wagering option has proven to be rather popular in both real money and free betting sites.