Get a $100 December Slots Bonus and More at Omni Casino

December 4, 2013


The month of December is all about the holiday season and the spirit of giving. The online casino world really starts ramping up their promotions and special offers during this time of year, though it's not completely out of the goodness of their hearts. A lot of sites realize that this is the busiest time of the year for the online gambling industry since so many people are logging in to play when they would normally be working or in school. This creates more competition, and the sites boost their promotional programs to try to get a bigger piece of the market.

No matter the reason, Omni Casino has some great deals that you can really take advantage of this week. On Wednesday, December 4, you can get a random cash prize worth between $10 and $100. All you have to do is play the featured slot Amazon Wild and get in a minimum of 500 spins. The spins have to be worth $0.75 or more to count for this promotion. All players are guaranteed a prize worth at least $10, but the top prizes are given in a drawing that's held at the end of the day.

Moving into Thursday, December 5, the value just keeps coming. On your first deposit of the day that's worth a minimum of $125, you'll be given a $100 flat bonus. This bonus is only available on one day, so you'll need to make sure you time your deposit appropriately if you want to take advantage of it. It has a 25x wagering requirement on the bonus and the deposit, and you'll need to stick to Asian games, slots, keno and scratch cards while you clear these requirements. This is a pretty good bonus offer that will help you to kick off December the right way.

Are you getting tired of the same old promotions at your online casino? Why don't you try Omni Casino instead? Not only do they have daily specials that give you value in a wide range of different ways, but they also have other longer promotions like slots tournaments and leaderboard competitions that give you plenty of chances to get paid for playing the games that you love. This is the best type of deal for an online casino player, and it goes to show that Omni Casino doesn't want you to jump through a bunch of hoops just to get a good deal.