Get a Piece of $17,000 at Omni Casino

September 16, 2013


Slots tournaments are one of the aspects of online gambling that seems to have the most potential for bringing together different people from different backgrounds. First off, you are playing with slots which are by far the most popular type of game in the industry. Second, you are adding the skill element which attracts players who aren't traditionally a fan of slots and who prefer games like video poker and blackjack instead. Omni Casino knows that these events are very important to bringing together a wide range of players, and the last two weeks of September are sure to do just that with their latest promotion.

From September 15 through September 30, you can get a piece of a $17,000 prize pool with the Fall Into Cash slos tournament at Omni Casino. This tournament is for all real money slots players, and you're automatically entered whenever you play any of the slots during the promotional period. Every single time that you make a spin worth $0.45 or more at Omni Casino, you'll get a spin point in the tournament. The more spin points you earn, the better your chances are of hitting big rewards and prizes.

There are three different categories for the tournament based on your average spin size, though the games will need to have between 15 and 50 paylines to be eligible for the tournament. Each of the three categories will have leaderboards that update regularly throughout the promotion. Whenever the leaderboards are updated, different places will receive automatic prizes. For example, there are special $50 leaf prizes for specific places during each update to the leaderboards, and you can win as many of these as you want. Other special prizes will also be available, so make sure to get in your spins and get a piece of the action this September.

Omni Casino puts on a number of regular slots tournaments, and they really have things down to a science when it comes to these events. They have figured out how to give all kinds of players a fair shot at some big prizes with their three-tier system and their special prizes that are awarded at each update of the leaderboard. They have a ton of awesome slots that qualify for this tournament since they use the Playtech software, so you're sure to find games that you'll love that you can use to earn spin points.