Winner Casino Wild Games Video Slot Debuts

October 2, 2013


Players are constantly looking for something new when it comes to online casino games. The software developers who make these games are always working hard to try to offer the next big thing, and that requires a lot of testing and looking at trends in the online casino industry. New games give online casinos a chance to maintain their player pools by giving players what they want in terms of new titles to try, and this is true even for people who have their old favorites that they play almost exclusively. New games put confidence in an online casino since it shows that they are evolving, and that's good for everybody involved.

Along those lines, Winner Casino has shown that they are keeping up with the cutting edge since they have added the Wild Games video slot to their lineup. This video slot uses a 25 payline format that shoots across five reels. This game is feature-heavy, and it includes a number of special bonuses and other features that give you chances for big wins. The main focus in the gameplay of this title is shooting for one of the many features, and the Olympic-style format makes it very interesting.

For example, there is a 100M dash bonus round where you try to bet on which of three cheetahs will win in a 100M dash. You'll get chances at extra wild symbols and expanding wilds based on how your cheetah performs in the race. There's also a balance beam bonus round where you get to pick a routine that your teammate will do. The better they do, the more free spins you get. There are a few other games based on events like this, and with a variety of bonus games to try to win, this is a game that won't get old even after dozens of hours of play.

Winner Casino gives players a lot of games to try, but they know how important it is to offer new titles on a regular basis. The Wild Games video slot is a great example of Winner Casino bringing something to the table in the game selection department that doesn't seem like boring filler. This game has a few different bonus features and several ways to win impressive prizes, so it's a fun game to play even if you wouldn't normally enjoy doing something involving sports.