Asian-themed pokies are commonplace at online casinos. Western players often enjoy the exotic nature of these games, while Asian punters appreciate the nod to their history and culture.

The designers at iSoftBet have kept this tradition alive, releasing the Dragon Match pokie for PC and mobile play. If you’d like to know more about this unique four-reel game, then check out my review below.

Where to Play Dragon Match

If you’re in the mood for an Asian poker machine, you can find Dragon Match at any casino carrying games from iSoftBet. For Australian gamblers, I suggest any of the following: Casino Chan, Mucho Vegas, King Johnnie, or Pokies Parlour.


This pokie uses the unique Megaways layout. In order to determine the number of winning ways, just multiply the number of winning symbols on each of the reels. Each spin has the potential for up to 3,136 winning ways.

Range of Wagers

Dragon Match has 20 paylines, and each one is active on all spins. In order to set your current wager, you’ll need to decide on the coin value. There are eight options to choose from, with values ranging from $0.01 to $1. This results in minimum total bet of $0.20 and a maximum of $20.

This poker machine is designed for players on a budget. If you crave larger wagers, then you’ll need to seek out another game.

Cascading Symbols

When you get a winning combination, those symbols disappear from the reels. Then, new symbols cascade down to replace the missing icons. This results in additional opportunities to win, and it’s one of my favorite elements of the game.

Dragon Match

In addition to the main four reels, you’ll notice a smaller reel at the top of the screen. Instead of rotating vertically, the symbols on this reel move in a horizontal direction.

If the symbols on the top reel match, they will transform into wilds. Even better, all symbols of the same type on the two reels below will also turn into wilds.

This is a great touch that adds extra excitement to the game. It’s also one of the main reasons why the game has been drawing praise from online punters.

Virtual reels of the Dragon Match pokie from iSoftBet

Free Spins

In order to trigger the free spins, you’ll need to get two Dragon Match bonus symbols on the top reel. When this happens, you’ll be faced with one of the following choices:

  • 12 spins with a 1x starting multiplier
  • 8 spins with a 3x starting multiplier
  • 5 spins with a 5x starting multiplier
  • Random choice that awards 5 to 12 spins with a multiplier from 1x to 5x

During the free spins, an unlimited win multiplier is active. After each win during this phase, the multiplier grows by 1x. The adjusted multiplier applies to the very next win (whether it’s part of a spin or cascade).

This phase of the game can also be re-triggered. To do so, you’ll need another pair of Dragon Match bonus symbols on the top reel. This results in an additional five symbols being awarded.

Dragon Match Paytable

In this section, we’ll be looking at all the symbols and payouts for the Dragon Match slot. Keep in mind that payouts vary according to the size of the wager. Also, the winning symbol payout is multiplied by the number of winning ways to arrive at the total win.

In the examples below, we’re assuming the player is risking $6 per spin.

  • Ten and Jack – These poker symbols are worth $0.60 for three matches and $3 for four.
  • Queen – When part of a winning line, this icon pays $0.90 for three matches and $6 for four.
  • King – The payout for this symbol is $1.20 for three matches and $9 for four.
  • Ace – Pays $1.50 for three matches and $12 for four.
  • Drum – This musical instrument is worth $1.80 for three matches and $15 for four.
  • Horns – When part of a winning line, this symbol pays $2.40 for three matches and $18 for four.
  • Flower – Pays $3 for three matches and $24 for four.
  • Gold Coins – These are worth $4.50 for three matches and $30 for four.
  • Dragon – This symbol pays $12 for three matches and $120 for four.
  • Wild – Substitutes for all symbols besides the Dragon Match bonus.
  • Dragon Match – Get two of these on the top reel to trigger free spins.

Final Thoughts

Dragon Match is a marvelous online poker machine. The payouts may not seem huge at first, but the presence of the Megaways system kicks them up a notch.

I also enjoyed little touches like the horizontal top reel, as that’s something that you don’t see in most games. If you like to gamble with a modest bankroll, this pokie should definitely be on your list.

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