Microgaming's Snow Honeys Video Slot Review

September 16, 2012


A lot of video slots are created around the idea of there being a few very large prizes that very few people ever win. These huge wins are complimented by the occasional small prize. Microgaming likes to give people a wider range of video slot experiences, so they offer the Snow Honeys video slot which has a much different payout arrangement. To give people more frequent wins, Snow Honeys uses a paytable that includes a whole lot of medium-sized wins. The idea here is to give players more frequent wins that are still fairly big without them being necessarily life-changing. This allows more players to be winners, and it makes it more likely that your play session will be winning one.

Snow Honeys uses a typical video slot format found with a lot of popular Microgaming video slots. This game features five reels with three symbols showing on each. Snow Honeys also has 20 paylines that go across the reels in a symmetrical fashion, and this helps winning chances by giving players 20 chances to hit a winning combination on each individual spin. The coin sizes in this game start at $0.01 and go up to $0.50, and you can bet up to 10 coins on each individual payline.

With a theme that centers around skiing and women, you wouldn't think that a bonus round would center around a castle. If you get the Castle bonus scatter symbols on the board, then you'll get a chance at a pick-a-box style bonus round that shows a castle with 12 windows. You get to pick between three and five windows depending on how many of the scatter symbol you had, and you'll get nice prizes with each click.

There is another scatter symbol, the Ski Lodge Logo symbol, and this is the symbol that gives you a shot at some free spins. You can win up to 30 free spins with a 5x multiplier, and this can give you some serious winnings in this game. This bonus round really matches up with the overall theme of a game that features a lot of medium-sized payouts instead of infrequent large payouts, so you can tell it has been put into the game with a lot of care instead of just thrown in as a standard feature. Overall, Snow Honeys is the type of game that will appeal to people who do not care about huge jackpots but who want frequent wins instead.