Realtime Gaming's Mice Dice Video Slot Review

October 25, 2013


One of the things that stands out about video slots is the wide range of features that they can have. Whenever a game is really feature-packed, however, it can create a "go big or go home" type situation with a high volatility and big prizes. The Mice Dice video slot by Realtime Gaming is a great example of this type of game. There are a number of big features in this game that can offer up some nice prizes and jackpots, but it comes at the expense of some of the low and medium payouts. This is the perfect game for people who like funny themes and who aren't wanting to settle for small wins.

Mice Dice has 25 paylines with five reels. The game centers around a "Catsino" which is where mice would go to try their luck at their favorite games. This is a funny theme that is implemented in a pretty cool way. The coins and bet sizes are set up in a way that will allow anyone with any bankroll to enjoy this game. The lowest bet size that has 25 paylines activated is $0.25 with a $0.01 coin, but the bet size will be $0.35 per spin for a reason that you'll see shortly. Coins go up to the $5.00 level for spins as high as $125. However, you'll also have to make a side bet of 10 coins to activate the feature guarantee, and you should keep this activated at all times.

The dice are wild in Mice Dice, and five of them on the same activated payline will get you a 2,500x jackpot. There are also two progressive jackpots available in this game as well. You can also get a 1,500x prize for five of the croupier symbol or 1,000x for five of the female mice. As you can see, this prize scheme is top-heavy.

You can also activate a special bonus feature with the wild Dice feature. Pick up two or more of them (or max out the feature guarantee counter), and you'll be give a number of free spins with a multiplier. Dice roll to determine both numbers, and you'll get more rolls for having a higher number of dice. Overall, you can get a lot of free spins with a 12x multiplier. If you get the feature with the feature guarantee, then you'll get a random number of rolls for the number of spins and multiplier.