Each December, you can look forward to a number of Christmas-themed pokies. Some are outstanding, while others are the gaming equivalent of a lump of coal.

BetSoft has tossed their hat into the ring with the release of Take Santa’s Shop. It’s got five reels, 75 paylines, and a story that revolves around an attempted robbery at the North Pole.

But is it any good? Well, read on to find out.

Range of Wagers

Take Santa’s Shop offers 11 betting options for players. All you have to do is cycle through the options and click your favourite. However, changing the size of your wager before the ornament bomb countdown reaches zero will result in lost progress.

The lowest possible wager is $0.20 per spin, while the highest is $24. This range makes the game best-suited for low rollers and/or players on a budget.


A pokie’s RTP, also known as “return to player,” measures the expected payback over thousands of spins. For example, an RTP of 95% indicates a payout of $95 for every $100 wagered.

Take Santa’s Workshop has an RTP of 96.08%. This is about average for an online poker machine, as well as being superior to most land-based slots.

Ornament Bomb Countdown

A Christmas ornament sits just to the right of the reels, and it will always display a number ranging from ten to zero. Each spin, the counter moves closer to zero.

If a holiday robber appears on the reels, it transforms into an ornament until the countdown reaches zero. Then, all ornaments turn into wilds.

Once payouts have been calculated, the countdown once again starts at ten.

Take Santa’s Shop Paytable

In this section, we’ll take a look at the various symbols on the game’s reels. Keep in mind that their value changes based on the player’s wager. In the following, we’re assuming a bet of $12 per spin.

  • King through Nine – These five poker symbols all pay $0.60 for three matches, $1.20 for four, and $3.60 for five.
  • Ace, Candy Cane, Rocking Horse, Bells – All of these festive symbols are worth $1.20 for three matches, $2.40 for four, and $7.20 for five.
  • Christmas Stocking – This holiday decoration pays $1.80 for three matches, $3 for four, and $10.80 for five.
  • Gingerbread Man – A tasty holiday treat, this gingerbread man is worth $1.80 for three matches, $3.60 for four, and $12 for five.
  • Snow Globe – Depicting a snowman and a winter scene, this symbol pays $0.60 for two matches, $2.40 for three, $7.20 for four, and $36 for five.
  • Santa’s Sleigh – This is the game’s bonus symbol, and it appears on reels two through four. Get three of these symbols at the same time to trigger the Free Spins round.
  • Holiday Robber – When one of these symbols appears, it turns into an ornament bomb. Then, when the countdown reaches zero, it transforms into a wild. Five wilds on a payline are equal to a 5x snow globe payout.

Take Santas Shop virtual pokie reels

Buy Feature Bonus

Are you tired of waiting for the Free Spins round to trigger? If so, you can choose this option to receive 15 free spins, as well as select the number of available wilds.

The price of triggering this bonus depends on the size of your wager. For example, a $12 bet would result in the following costs:

  • Five Wilds = $324
  • Seven Wilds = $600
  • Ten Wilds = $1,140

Free Spins Bonus

This bonus activates when three sleigh symbols appear on the reels. At this point, the player receives 15 free spins and either five, seven, or ten wilds.

The wild symbols move to a new location on each spin. Also, the ornament bomb countdown pauses until the end of the bonus round.

Final Thoughts

Take Santa’s Shop is another solid pokie from BetSoft. It’s perfect to play during the Christmas season, but I also recommend it for the rest of the year.

I appreciated the opportunity to buy the bonus round, even if the prices are rather steep. I’d rather have the option and pass than not have it at all.

The ornament bombs are constantly generating new wilds, so it seems as though a payout it always just around the corner.

My only real complaint is the lack of payout variety. Five or six symbols offer the same cash prize, which is monotonous. Of course, this is a Christmas game, so the designers may have run afoul of a deadline.

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