The Top Strategic Considerations for Let It Ride

March 7, 2014


Of all of the forms of casino poker, Let It Ride is one of the most interesting in terms of strategy because you have multiple decisions to make, one of which affects the other. To play this game, you make three bets and are given three cards. You have the option to remove one of your bets from the wager at this point in the game. A fourth card is dealt, and you again have the option to remove one of your bets. Then a fifth card is dealt, and your hand is compared to a paytable to determine your payout as a multiple of the bets left remaining.

The concept of this game isn't much more complicated than most casino poker or video poker games, but the paytable aspect of it combined with dealt cards creates a sort of hybrid of the two, and you'll need to pay attention to certain aspects of both if you want to do well in this game. There are two main decisions to make in this game, and they are whether to pull back your first bet with three cards and whether to pull back your second bet with four cards.

There are different strategic considerations for each of these decisions. Let's start with the initial bet that you have the option of pulling when you have just three cards dealt. Obviously, you'll want to keep your bet in if you make at least a pair of tens or three of a kind. However, you should also keep them together as long as you have three to a royal or three consecutive cards to a straight-flush that are 5-4-3 or higher. You can also keep three to a straight flush with a gap if one of the cards is at least a ten or higher, and you can keep three to a straight flush with two gaps if at least two of the cards are ten or higher.

That's a lot to remember, but playing with four cards is a good bit easier. Against, keep your second bet in if you have a made hand worth at least a pair of tens since you're getting paid regardless and it doesn't make sense to pull back your bet. If you have a flush draw or an outside straight draw, then you should also keep your bet there. That's all there is to playing with the second bet, and it's not a hard set of guidelines to remember.