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The Best Online Casino Games to Win Big in Australia

I want to share with you my vast experience of playing different games on thousands of online casinos. This guide is made for those who do not know which games on an online casino they should play to win more money. If you would like to skip the long years of self-education on this matter, then you will surely be interested in the information I have collected below.

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I am ready to give you some tips and tricks on finding both exciting and profitable online casino games.

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Play Free Online Casino Games to Get the Best Start!

Getting prepared for your first online casino game can be confusing and even scary. It happens not only because you experience something new and are not sure about the result but mainly because you are going to spend real money and are scared to lose them. Luckily, there is a way to prevent such needless stress. The best alternative is to play free demos before making any bets with real money.

The main difference between a real money online casino game and its demo is what you bet. With free casino games, you are able to play without losing any real money as long as you want. Each of us has his or her own pace of gambling. Demo games are great for everyone because they do not force their pace to a player. You can train your skills and confidence with the help of free casino games with no download until you feel the game perfectly.

Steve Bourie got asked one question:Are the odds for using real money on an online casino the same as the odds for free money or free spins? For example, if I receive a welcome bonus of $25 and use them to play slots, would the result be the same as if I spend real $25? I feel that the probability of win with welcome bonuses is lesser than with real money. Am I right? And is there any law controlling such things?

There is no difference for the machines whether you play for free or for real money. The chance of winning is the same for both cases.

Steve Bourie

Owner, American Casino Guide

I consider free demo as an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with all aspect of any game. They give a fantastic chance to concentrate on the game without having any worries about losing real money. Moreover, these games sharpen your skills like nothing else. Only playing online casino games give you real confidence and needed proficiency to win big.

Free demos also give unlimited opportunities to those who like to predict the results of a game and develop some personal winning strategy. Many people use numerology, Kabbalah or other helping practices to find their own path to success. The main point is that you can try any kind of strategy you like for free.

I have collected all kinds of free demos on my website. They are all ready to serve you as a trainer for gambling skills and a player`s confidence. The only kind of online casino games I could not add to my website is a live casino game. Free demos for such type of games just do not exist. I recommend watching broadcasts of famous players to feel the scent of this unique type of casino game.

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Let`s Go for Real Money Now!

As soon as you gain enough confidence to try your luck with real money on an online casino, you would need to pick a game. The choice can appear difficult for some beginners, but I will try to make it easier for you.

First of all, you need to determine your main goal. I have asked different gamblers why do they choose a particular game on an online casino, gathered up and sorted their answers. Here is what I have got:

  • Reasons to pick a specific game on an online casino
  • A desire to win big and fast
  • A way of killing time
  • An aspiration to something new and unknown before
  • A wish to feel thrilled
  • A pursuit for the atmosphere of a real casino
  • An appetite for a bonus

If you would like to pick a game from a great variety of existing ones on your own, then you should decide which reason fits your goals better. Ask yourself: β€œWhy do I want to play this exact game?” Probably, you will get one of the following answers:

Alternatively, you can use my list of the best online casino games. I have collected this list to help you save time and effort so that you can pick a game faster and in the least complicated manner:

Top Australian Online Casino Games and Their Nominations:
All Aces Poker from Microgaming β€” the most profitable game

RTP around 99%

Auto Roulette from Ezugi β€” lowest minimal bet

Minimal bets of $0.01

Furious Furry Friends by the Games Company β€” highest max bet

$400000 is your maximum bet limit

Wild Shamrock by MultiSlot β€” the newest game

The latest release game in my list

Authentic Roulette by Authentic β€” best atmosphere

The game that gives the most real feeling of a casino

Mustang Gold by PragmaticPlay β€” for the most generous bonuses

You can play bonus game and get a scatter and wild symbols – all in one game

How to Choose the Best Game on an Online Casino

There already are hundreds of thousands of different online casino games, and new ones are constantly developed and released. How to choose from such a wide variety of options? I have struggled with this question by myself before I have developed my tactic for a perfect game pick. Now I am ready to share this tactic with you. Let us look closer to the features I observe when choosing an ideal game for each situation and mood.

Will I Get a Big Win in This Game?

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How to distinguish a profitable online casino game from one that will make you lose money? To get into this question, you need to learn two main gambling terms β€” RTP and house edge.

Return-to-Player (also known as RTP) shows how much money from your initial investments will return to you in the long run. RTP is usually measured in per cent. For example, 95% RTP means that you will probably get this amount of your funds back when playing this particular game for an extended period.

House edge (also known as house profit or house advantage) is basically what remains from RTP and what the casino wins from you in the long run. However, it does not mean that you will always lose some definite per cent of money, even if you know the exact RTP of a game. Short runs are usually unpredictable in such a manner.

Anyway, you could have guessed that the more RTP you have within a game, the better chances for a big win exist. I recommend playing pokies to get the best RTP. Some examples of such slots are Jackpot Jester by NextGen Gaming, Pixies of the Forest by IGT and Dracula by NetEnt. All these pokies have RTP around 99%.

Is It Worth Killing Time by Gambling?

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There is a lot of situations in our everyday life when we would like to kill time: staying in a long line, being stuck in a traffic jam, or even being bored at work. In all of these situations, you would love to play something simple but involving. Online casino games with minimal bets are the best choice for such an occasion.

Minimal bets of $0.01 are usually allowed for slots, but there are some pleasant exceptions for roulette too. Example of such games are Cops and Robbers by Microgaming, Golden Era by Microgaming, or 300 Shields by NextGen Gaming.

Minimum bet games represent the best opportunity for relaxed gambling because you do not bet big and do not lose big. On the other hand, you cannot win big if you bet only $0.01. So, do not expect real winning from such time-killing pokies or roulette.

What If I Seek Something New?

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The search for something new and unknown is mainly a problem of experienced players who are looking for some sophisticated gambling. Luckily, there is no problem in finding new games virtually every day because the gaming industry evolves very fast and is ready to present a unique gambling experience very often.

My list of the best online casino games is constantly updated for those who seek new games often. The last updates have brought such incredible games as Shield of Rome from PlayTech, Wild Shamrock from MultiSlot, Merlin`s Money Burst from NextGen Gaming and much more.

Where Can I Find a Thrilling Game?

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What makes an online casino game really thrilling? High bets, of course! If you feel lucky and want to test your skills on the most exciting online casino games, then you would probably like to tickle your nerves with some great bets.

Some examples of such high-bet games are Playtech`s Video Roulette with the highest bet of $250,00 or The Games Company`s Furious Furry Friends with the opportunity to bet up to $400,00. Are such bets thrilling enough for you?

Obviously, there is only a little number of people who would afford such bets on an everyday basis, but each of us wants to risk everything at least once. I do not recommend to play with such high bets without a great gambling experience.

How Can I Feel the Atmosphere of a Real Casino Online?

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Modern technologies are already able to bring the feeling of a real casino to your home. Many people love casinos for the opportunity to chat with other players, watch beautiful dealers and get the satisfaction of real gambling. This atmosphere can be brought to you online by means of live tables and even VR technology.

There are some wonderful examples of live table games in my list: Speed Roulette by Ezugi, Flemish Roulette by Evolution Gaming, Aspers Casino by Authentic Gaming, and so on.

Although live games have their advantage with the atmosphere of a real casino, they also have one downside β€” there is no opportunity to get the demo of such games. Nevertheless, I always include live tables into my list of the best online casino games because you need to have the opportunity to get acquainted with them too.

Which Bonuses Can I Expect from a Game?

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Online casinos have their decisive advantage with sweet welcome bonuses. There is practically no traditional casino that can present a similar rate of bonuses for its players as an online one. That is one of the reasons why modern players tend to change their habits and play on online casinos more and more.

However, the bonuses of an online casino are not all that you can get from it. Each game has its own set of bonuses! If you seek a proper game on my list, you can see some terms that can seem weird for beginners. Let me explains the most confusing of them.

Scatter Symbol β€” a special symbol that you can meet in a slot game to trigger some bonus. Various slots have different types of bonuses within the scatter symbol; for example, you can get three scatters on the reel you choose and ten additional free spins. A nice example of a pokie game with a scatter symbol is Wolf Gold by PragmaticPlay.

Mystery Symbol β€” a special bonus in the form of a mystery symbol changes into any other symbol that can help you set the reels to a winning combination. In other words, it is a universal symbol that helps you win. Check out how it works with Fortunium Online pokie by StormCraft Studios.

Cascading Wins β€” this special mode gives you an opportunity to win more than once within one spin. Cascading wins works as Tetris β€” the winning symbols explode to give place for additional ones. It happens before you get the combination without winning symbols. Diamond Mine Megaways by Blueprint Gaming is a classic example of such game mode.

Bonus Game β€” this kind of bonus can be delivered in two ways: by means of additional spins or by means of an extra pick-a-bonus mini-game. Such additional mini-games usually offer you an opportunity to choose from different symbols where one or more of them contains bonuses. Mustang Gold by PragmaticPlay is a great example of a slot with a bonus mini-game.

Expanding Symbol β€” is represented by a special symbol that turns into a winning reel and increases your chances for winning spin dramatically. It is better to see how expanding symbol works on your own with an example of Book of Oz by Triple Edge.

What Else You Need to Know About Online Casino Games

Feel free to use my list of the best online casinos and their games on my website, as well as free demos of the games you want to try before betting real money.

However, there is still much to learn about online casinos and their games, especially for beginners. The following part of this guide will give you some interesting information about the types of games you can meet on any online casino, the developers of these games, and the place you need to avoid in order to save your money and good mood.

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Types of Online Casino Games You Need to Know

Online casinos always have a greater variety of games than any traditional one. There were times when only the luckiest persons could get to Vegas and enjoy all the variety of gambling, but there is no such restriction nowadays. Everyone is able to visit an online casino, and thousands of pokies and table games will be at his or her disposal 24/7.

Another point is how to navigate through all the variety of game to find the most interesting for you. I have gathered the most popular types of online casino games and tried to describe them as simple and straightforward as I can. The following list of casino games will help you better understand the game diversity of a modern online casino.

βœ… Slots β€” the simplest and therefore, the most popular game. All you need to do is to spin the reels and wait for the winning combination of symbols. Even this simple type of gambling can be extra rewarding and sometimes has chances for winning huge jackpots.

βœ… Poker β€” a much more complicated but also a much more enjoyable game. You would need to invest some time into learning rules and winning combinations, but the rewards could be huge, especially for the tournaments.

βœ… Video Poker β€” a great game for those who like both poker and pokies. Essentially, it is a variation of five-card draw poker and a slot machine. Not only luck but also decisions of a player mean a lot in this game.

βœ… Bingo β€” a pretty simple but very involving game. You only need to cross the numbers before you build a winning line. The simplicity of this game makes it very popular.

βœ… Blackjack β€” a casino table game, also known as 21. Essentially, 21 points represent the goal of the game where you play against a dealer drawing cards turn-by-turn. Any exceeding points will make you lose the game.

βœ… Roulette β€” a game of pure luck where you try to guess the number of the ball going around the roulette. This game has become a symbol of a casino itself.

βœ… Baccarat β€” a casino card game that is a bit less popular than blackjack or poker for its more difficult rules. A good choice for players who want to evolve their skills and do not like to play only with luck.

βœ… Keno β€” a game that is very similar to a lottery. You need to pick a set of numbers from 1 to 80 and wait for the winning combination to be announced.

βœ… Scratch cards β€” also represent the game type of a lottery. Here you can get your winning immediately after revealing the information on the cards you get. Don`t forget to learn the casino card game rules before you start!

βœ… Dice games β€” this is a very wide range of games. The basis of this game type refers to throwing dices with a different number of faces and summarising the result. However, each dice game can have its peculiarities. So, it is better to practice them with free demos which you can find on my website.

Online Casino Games β€” Who Develops Them?

Games are very rarely (nearly never) made by online casinos. In fact, online casinos only serve as hubs for the hundreds of thousands already created variations of slots and table games. There are dedicated developers who make all the online casino games we know.

Not only games appear every day but also developing companies. As soon as the market of online casinos grows popular, more and more developers create their teams to make profitable games. However, there are some companies who are in this business for years and have got a perfect reputation for unique game developers.

I will give you some examples of the most worldwide-known companies who develop games for online casinos:

  • PlayTech. Found in 1999, the company has become one of the leaders in the industry of gambling development. Another famous game development brand Aristocrat also belongs to this holding.
  • Microgaming. Created early in 1994, this company has got the reputation of the largest jackpot-game developer in the world. The most famous game of this company is called Mega Moola.
  • Evolution Gaming. The company specialises in live table games. However, the developers also have great experience in the creation of other types of online casino games.
  • IGT. The name of the company means The International Game Technology and stands for a worldwide network of offices. The company has already released more than 12,000 games and does not plan to stop its development.

Blacklisted Online Casino Games

Gambling industry is a complicated business. And not every online casino is fair to its visitors. Unfortunately, we still have to deal with the dishonest online casinos where you cannot win or cannot withdraw your winning.

I have created the blacklist of online casinos to protect you from any kind of fraud. Do not hesitate to check each online casino before you bet any real money! I also try to keep my list updated so that you can always get the most actual information on this matter.

You can also spot a dishonest online casino by yourself. Pay attention to too-generous welcome bonuses and do not be too greedy. The absence of licensed games is also a very bad sign for any online casino. Although online casinos are illegal in Australia, it is not a reason to use pirated software.

Conclusion: How to Find Your Perfect Online Casino Game

Some people seek their perfect online casino games for years. I believe that my experience will help you to save these years and a lot of money. Use my list of the best types of casino games and the opportunity to try each of them for free to find your β€œprincess”.

Pay attention to the filters you have got for the search of an online casino game: you can set them for any purpose and mood you have. Seek your perfect online casino game and do not lose hope β€” it is surely somewhere among the games in my list!

The Best Online Casino Games to Win Big in Australia casinostown.com

🎲 What games can I find on an online casino?

The most popular games on any online casino are pokies, roulette, poker, blackjack and baccarat. Keno, dice games and scratch cards could also be found very often. It`s recommended that you try to play new casino games free before gambling for real money.

😻 How do I play online casino games?

Basically, each game has its rules. You can read them on the dedicated pages of my website. I also recommend playing free demos before betting any real money.

πŸ† Where do I find casino games with the best odds?

Essentially, there are few games which RTP and winning rate are considered better than others: roulette, pokies, blackjack. There also are games which require not only luck but the right set of skills and knowledge. Poker is an excellent example of such a game.

πŸ€ͺ Are casino games beatable?

A lot of people believe that there is only one winner in a casino, and it is a casino itself. However, my vast experience as a dealer confronts with such conclusions. A person can beat a casino, if he or she has enough skill, patience and luck. Some games like blackjack or poker provide better opportunities to beat a casino.

🏠 Can I play casino games at home?

There is no problem with gambling at home with a great variety of online casinos we have nowadays. You only need to choose an honest and reliable online casino. My list of the best casinos will help you with this task.

πŸ’Ά How to win games in a casino?

First of all, you need to pick a responsible online casino from my list. Then, you should check your skills and luck with the help of free demo games on my website. Finally, you need to find the game with the highest RTP to increase your winning chances.

πŸ” Are there free casino games?

Nearly any game has its free demo so that you can get acquainted with the rules and practice before betting real money. The only exception is presented by live tables where real dealers are involved. You cannot play for free here. However, you can watch such games for free.

🀠 Is there an age restriction for gambling?

Essentially, gambling is illegal in Australia, but any foreign casino you could visit will only allow adult persons (18+) to play.

😈 Can I hack casino games?

I would never recommend using any software to even try to hack an online casino. However, you can hack a casino with your mind. Use concentration, patience and faith to get to your goal. I will give any advice and help I can on your way to success.