The Blizzard of Cash Comes to Omni Casino

January 15, 2014


Online casino tournaments are one of the coolest promotions that you can get in on if you're a fan of the games being played. They take games where you are normally playing against the house and turn them into a competition against other players. This competitive outlet is something that plenty of players love to have, even if it's games that are almost entirely decided by luck, and it helps to add another level of fun to getting on and playing your favorite titles. A new slots tournament has came recently to Omni Casino, and players are going to love to compete in it for lots of prizes.

The Blizzard of Cash slot tournament by Omni Casino is taking place in the last half of the month of January. Even though 2014 is officially in full swing, it's still only a couple of weeks in, and players are still looking for ways to get a fresh start in the new year. Taking part in this awesome tournament is a great way to do it since it's broken up into different categories so that low stakes players don't have to try to compete against the high rollers who have deeper pockets.

Here's how this tournament operates. It runs from January 15 through January 31, and there are three different tournament levels based on the average amount that you wager on each spin. All spins that are worth at least $0.45 each count in this game as long as it's a game that uses between 15 and 40 paylines, and you get a point for each qualifying spin. The average size of all of your spins are used to determine which of the three levels you will be placed in. This helps to make the contest fair by splitting up the $13,333 prize pool among players who play similar stakes.

Omni Casino is well-known for all of their frequent slots tournaments. Every couple of months, they put a few twists on their standard formula that keeps things fair for all players. This time around, the twists are a number of extra prizes. There are $50 prizes that will be paid out to certain players in random spots on the leaderboards when they are updated a few times each week, and there are $200 and $400 prizes for getting at least 115,000 and 130,000 points in the tournament, respectively.