Master Joker, one of the latest pokies from Pragmatic Play, is a throwback to a simpler era of gambling. It has a single payline, five reels, and one bonus feature. This may not sound impressive to players used to more complicated fare, but it still manages to get the job done.

Sound and Graphics

The game’s female joker mascot provides some virtual eye candy, while the fruit icons are bound to make your mouth water. The colours are bright and vivid, although some animation would’ve helped the overall presentation.

I was especially pleased with the game’s music, even if it’s a short burst of sound rather than a complete composition. This tune plays with each rotation of the reels, and I love the fact that it offers a funky disco sound.

Range of Bets

Master Joker offers quite a few betting options for the player to choose from. The lowest bet per spin is just $0.01 (it doesn’t get any lower than that). Meanwhile, the highest possible wager is $100 per spin.

This assortment of bets makes the game appealing for low to medium rollers. However, true high rollers will likely want something even more expensive.

Master Joker Pay Table

This section details the pay table for the Master Joker poker machine. The value for each icon is dependent on the player’s wager. In other words, higher wagers provide greater payouts.

For the examples below, I have used the largest possible wager of $100 per spin.

  • Strawberry – This red, delicious fruit pays $100 for three matches, $300 for four, and $800 for five.
  • Lemon – This sour-tasting citrus fruit pays $200 for three matches, $500 for four, and $1000 for five.
  • Cherries – The payout for this stone fruit icon is $400 for three matches, $800 for four, and $1200 for five. Interesting trivia: Turkey is the world’s largest provider of sweet cherries.
  • Plum – Pays $500 for three matches, $1000 for four, and $1500 for five.
  • Watermelon – About two-thirds of this fruit is produced in China. As a symbol in this game, it pays $800 for three matches, $1500 for four, and $2500 for five.
  • Gold Bars – No matter what part of the world you come from, bars of gold are recognized as symbols of wealth. In this game, they’re worth $1000 for three matches, $2500 for four, and $5000 for five.
  • Seven – This classic slot symbol has a jewelled appearance. It pays $1500 for three matches, $5000 for four, and $10000 for five.
  • Wild – This icon takes the form of a female joker. While it substitutes for all other symbols, it’s only available on the third reel.

Master Joker virtual reel

Multiplier Wheel Feature

The multiplier wheel sits directly above the third reel and is attended by an attractive female joker. This is the game’s only bonus offering.

When the joker’s face turns up on the third reel, this feature is triggered. The lady joker spins the wheel of fortune to determine the multiplier for the total win of the round. Options include 2x, 3x, 5x, 10x, 15x, 25x, 50x, and 100x.


Pragmatic Play ranks the volatility of their games on a scale of one to five lightning bolts. The more bolts, the higher the game’s volatility.

So what does this mean? Well, games with a high volatility usually pay out less often, but they also provide a greater chance of multiple big wins within a short span of time.

Return to Player

The game’s RTP is listed at 96.46%. This means that, on average, the game pays back $96.46 for every $100 wagered. This percentage is competitive with most modern poker machines (and superior to the mass of land-based options).

Final Thoughts

Master Joker is a basic pokie with just enough bells and whistles to keep things interesting. The high volatility makes it best-suited for players with a decent bankroll or plenty of self-control. The multiplier wheel is a pleasant surprise, even if the game’s symbols are a bit on the pedestrian side.

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